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  • Pruning:

The methods we use minimise the chance of pathogens entering the tree, allowing it to recover disease fee! With all work being carried out to the correct BS3998 standards

  • Thinning:

We will selectively remove branches to let more light through a usually dense mature tree

  • Felling:

We use the most up to date modern methods with the latest technology to section dismantle the tree. All heavy bits of wood are lowered to the ground to ensure minimal damage to the surrounding areas. Including your lawn!

  • Dead wooding

We will remove dead, dying, and dangerous branches from trees to prevent damage to the surrounding areas and/or injury to people from falling branches

  • Ground clearance:

We can clear dense areas of brambles and thick undergrowth along with any saplings or trees that may be in the way

  • Stump grinding: 

We grind any tree stumps, any size with the greatest of care for the surrounding area

  • Tree preservation order applications for work:

We can seek permission from the local council to carry out work on a TPO'd tree.

  • Hedge cutting:

We can cut all hedges from small beech hedgerows to giant leyllanddi hedgerows

  • Planting:

From small plants to semi mature hedges 

  • Cable bracing dangerous limbs:

Giving you peace of mind you have given the tree all you can to preserve that precarious limb and have done all that's possible for damage limitation

  • Putting up seasonal lighting
  • The supply of good quality hardwood logs for log burners 

Whatever the job is we always leave the site as tidy as it was when we got there (usually tidier!)